Hi, I'm Rohan, and this is my personal website and blog!

What's Here?

A Blog

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I've been using this space to share and reflect on my own experiences.

In a recent series, 'Today I learned...', I've started journ­alling about web development.

I've also been writing about my exper­iences of Christi­anity, for example: Reading The Bible.

The posts are org­anised into series, and generally each series is intended to be read in order.

Web Experiments

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I've been learning web devel­opment for fun since late 2021. This site is an oppor­tunity for me to play around and try some things.

For example, I've been learning various technol­ogies including React and SQL by making a board games app.

Also, check out Living Grace Dianella's new website! It was built by me and some friends using Astro and Strapi.